Another outbreak of a deadly pandemic puts all plans on hold for Gerver, the newly appointed lady in waiting for Queen Margaret I., who discovers there is much more at stake than her own destiny, and that she must find a new path through a world threatened by chaos.

An ambitious short film to match an ambitious woman. Created as TV-pilot, Semiramis narrates the death of Queen Margaret I (1353-1412) who united Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the Kalmar Union and who created peace across nationalities and cultures for the duration of her lifetime.

Semiramis (2020) still
Semiramis (2020) still
Semiramis (2020) still
Semiramis (2020) still
Semiramis (2020) still
Semiramis (2020) still

Main Cast


Tove Bornhøft

Queen Margaret I


Mathilde Arcel Fock

Gerver Andersdatter Lunge


Peter Gantzler

Johan Skarpenberg


Henning Sprogøe

Jens Due


Mikkel Becker Hilgart

Erik Gyldenstierne


Lukas Benedikt Racky

Mayor of Flensburg




Thomas Leth Rasmussen



About Semiramis


28 minutes 38 seconds 


Nyborg Castle, Denmark

Frösakers Brygga, Västerås, Sweden

Production budget

130.000 DKK - 20.820 USD - 17.468 EUR

Production value est budget

2.000.000 DKK - 322.000 USD - 268.796 EUR


About Semiramis

We had three goals starting out; [1.] to create fiction with as high a degree of authenticity as possible and still qualify as a drama, and not a docu-drama, [2.] to push the ceiling with regards to what could be done in talent development film with limited funds and [3.] show the actual diversity in history that contained both men and women, first of whom are those almost exclusively displayed in historical drama, which isn't representative. We missed seeing both the ambitious women who ruled and the anonymous women whose stories still played out interwoven with events of the day and carry meaning to this day, even if they did not make the history books' most prominent positions. Out of the research and the acquaintance made across centuries with an extraordinary woman, a strong wish to debate leadership styles arose.

We started development and research in primo 2018 and shot in ultimo 2019. With the funds we had available, it was clear from the beginning we had to be tactical. The death of Queen Margaret was a logical story to tell, in regards both to what could realistically be done and its very obvious ending which suited the format.

Tragically and somewhat eerily, COVID-19 struck two months after shooting our film which is set during one of the first bouts of the grand pandemic of the middle age: the plague. However, as we have seen the way this crisis was handled around the world, its relevance with regards to debating leadership styles has just seemed to grow. 



Distribution slated to start in January, 2021

POW Film Festival 2020

November 2020



Semiramis was a talent film and thus not eligible for larger amounts at the national film funds. While we made strategic choices with regards to what to tell from the life of this extraordinary woman, it would not have been possible to create this film without the help of our partners.

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