Edith Tvede

Film Director, Screenwriter and Executive Producer
Story & Screenplay Consultant





In love with storytelling

Chief Justice, cowboy and Zoo CEO were all quite serious career plans during my childhood, but I was born with a creative monster inside that bites if I don't feed it, and so the choice was made for me really. Sort of like hearing stories knock on the door, and then break it in, if I don't answer it.


My kind of Stories

Goals and holy grails

I'm drawn to high stake stories, preferably in settings that give me something else than daily life. I feel I learn the most from characters under serious pressure. I love maxing out on authenticity, historical or constructed, whether the film takes me aboard the Titanic or Middle Earth - the way really, really thorough worldbuilding lifts the film, the way it makes me feel.
Stories are also where I explore my thoughts on politics, how we treat our planet, wildlife and each other and enforce representation (because come on). I believe firmly in the power of fiction to shape our shared narrative, and thus also the responsabillity that follows. Representation matters. I also believe, that when the holy grail is fundamentally a good story well told, it is very easily combined with creating compelling, entertaining and meaningful film and tv.

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My Method

The Big Tool Box

In setting out to become a writer and director, I wanted hands-on experience from all departments of filmmaking, gather tools for my tool box if you will, because a director is not only the guardian of the story, but the creative leader on set. I've always personally felt I couldn't be a good director without a first hand understanding of what it's like to stand in front of a camera or how much time it takes to set the light. If I didn't know what I asked of other people or what options I had. Thus, I've done executive production, editing, acting, been lighting assistant, camerawork, camera assistant, 1st AD, 2nd AD, script consultant, budgetting – and so on.

I have specialized in research, worldbuilding, screenwriting and directing, and crafting drama with the highest possible degree of authenticity. 


Working with me

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man

I like breaking new ground and shatter ceilings, to debate, hunt truth and understanding, to learn. I'm a fierce defender of the integrity of my work, a servant to my story, but good at spotting opportunities and alternatives when need be. I contain a lot of opposing traits that manage to coexist peacefully; among other things, I'm artistic and geeky*, but have a keen eye for a commercial potential in my projects. 

My workplace philosophy is that nobody can give their best work feeling stressed out or insecure. Apart from the kind of person you yourself want to be, it just doesn't make any sense not to strive towards a good working atmosphere. Civility and respectful behaviour is the very least we can do for each other as human beings.

*An undying, massive love of Tolkien's works and the adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, as well as golden era Hollywood films, genrefilm, fantasy, sci-fi and history in general - coloring my approach to research and world building. It also includes a dark past and sometimes present containing D&D, Lovecraft, larp, figure painting and video games. 

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Get in Touch

So you've got a project you'd like to talk to me about. Maybe one of my treatments, scripts or pitch decks is on your desk and you wonder who I am. Maybe you need me to consult your screenplay, help out with research – maybe you just can't find a decent cup of tea anywhere, and heard I was quite the specialist – who knows? Regardless, reach out. I'd love to talk to you. Contact me here or on social media – where I'm sporadically active, but will see messages. I'm off feeding monsters, and that will just have to take first priority.

Tak for din indsendelse!